How does 1 + 4 = 13?

It started off with a request to help a Mom and her 4 kittens and turned into 13 cats desperately needing our help….

Last night, volunteers were on site in Providence to assess and setup humane traps for a Mom and 4 kittens that were living in an abandoned lot. As they started to walk around they noticed a kitten’s head pop up behind a bush, then another kitten run across the street, then a different kitten run into a yard, then a Mama cat peek around the corner…. and you get the drift.




In total, volunteers have identified 13 cats that desperately need our help. This group of cats includes young kittens, older kittens, Mama cats who are just babies themselves, and beat up tom cats. Unfortunately, years of breeding, irresponsible pet ownership, and apathy have taken a toll on these poor souls. Their condition makes it obvious that they’ve all lived hard lives and desperately need medical care, food, and empathy. 

And that is exactly what Ten Lives is going to provide for them.



Volunteers will be on site every single day until we’ve trapped every last cat. All of the cats will receive the medical care they critically need, including spay and neuter services, and be assessed for socialization. With the heat expected to reach over 100 degrees on Saturday, our dedicated foster families have made room in their homes to help get these cats to safety. 

How can you help end the suffering for these 13 cats?
  • Sponsor a spay/neuter and vaccination package for $75.
  • Donate to their ongoing medical and food expenses. 
  • Join our efforts in the community by becoming a volunteer.
  • Join our foster team and help get one of these deserving cats off the street. 
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