Feed a Cat for the Holidays

This Holiday Season Ten Lives foster families will be caring for more than 60 cats. We are incredibly grateful for these amazing families and the love they share with these lucky felines not just during the holidays, but every single day! 
Caring for this many felines is no small task! On average, it costs $25 per month to feed one cat. This cost does not include litter, prescription food, or other daily essentials.
As a non-profit that does not receive any state or city funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to care for the constant influx of cats in our program.
This Holiday Season, Feed a Cat for the Holidays ! Your charitable donation of $25 will not only feed one cat for the holidays, but it will also allow Ten Lives to redirect funds to other critical services like spay/neuter and emergency care. 
Every sponsor will receive a photo of the lucky feline they are feeding for the holidays along with a personalized thank you on social media. This Holiday Season, give the gift of a full belly! 

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