Help Lunar Live Pain Free

Baby Lunar

This past June, Lunar arrived to Ten Lives along with 6 siblings, 3 adults, and 1 pregnant Mama who would later give birth to 6 kittens. What had started as one cat grew into an entire family and quickly became too much for the owner to handle. Sadly, all of the cats from this home were suffering from upper respiratory infections and flea dermatitis. Shortly after arriving to Ten Lives, Lunar’s brother, Harvey, would be hospitalized for a severe calicivirus infection that would cause him to temporarily lose mobility in his rear legs. His brother, Nick Fury, then required enucleation surgery after an eye infection went untreated for too long. 

Sadly, these medical issues are common for cats who do not receive basic care and live in over crowded conditions. 

Lunar and best bro, Orion. They have been inseparable since day one! 


Unfortunately, Lunar has been facing his own medical challenges over the last nine months. Under the care of Dr. C at OSVS, Lunar has been undergoing treatment for reoccurring ear and upper respiratory infections. Despite multiple rounds of antibiotics and ear flushing procedures, we’ve been unable to cure his infections. Because of this, Lunar is undergoing VBO surgery. 

We’ve been down a similar road before with our buddy, Lazarus, and know this surgery will be life-changing for Lunar. As with Lazzy, Lunar will be under the excellent care of Dr. B and the staff at BSVS and we have full confidence that he’s going to have a smooth recovery. 

Lunar’s surgery is estimated to cost $2,500-$2,800 in addition to the expenses already incurred for his ongoing care. As a small rescue, this is a huge expense, but we know that Lunar is worth every penny and deserves to live a pain-free life. 



As a volunteer-powered organization, 100% of your donation will go towards Lunar’s medical fund and help defray the expense. No amount is too small and every dollar helps! 

Lunar and his friends thank you in advance! 

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