Forgotten Feline Spotlight: Moon Pie

Moon Pie when she first arrived at her foster home

Moon Pie joined Ten Lives Cat Rescue in July 2019 after being humanely trapped with her five kittens. She was estimated to be around 8 or 9 months old at the time, and she had been a wonderful mother as all of her kittens were healthy. Her foster mom named her Moon Pie because of her big eyes.

Moon Pie with her kittens, Whoopie Pie and Pumpkin Pie

When Moon Pie first arrived at her foster home, she was scared all the time and often hid. One week after Moon Pie went to her foster home, two of her kittens joined her and were named Pumpkin Pie and Whoopie Pie. She didn’t pay much attention to her kittens, which made her foster mom think she didn’t have a connection with them.

However, during the first week of September, Pumpkin Pie and Whoopie Pie went to their forever homes, and she heartbreakingly cried and howled all night on the first night.

Her foster mom tried to bond with her, but she was just so scared. She was not interested in playing at all, had no interest in treats, and was not even food motivated. She flinched even if her foster mom tried to pet her with back scratcher.

Moon Pie and Ryder

Shortly after, Moon Pie was introduced to her foster mom’s resident cat, Ryder—at first, there was hissing, and Moon Pie would run and hide somewhere in the house. Over the last six or seven months, though, she’s developed a very close relationship with Ryder. With his help, she’s become more confident and lets her foster mom approach her to scratch her chin and head.

Moon Pie in her foster home

Moon Pie is still working on her catfidence before she is listed for adoption. Her foster mom is determined to work with Moon Pie and sees her slowly making strides. Just this past week, Moon Pie engaged in playing with her foster mom and a rainbow wand!

Moon Pie is part of our Forgotten Feline Program, which aims to help scared and under-socialized cats who are considered “unadoptable” by other shelters. With the help of our dedicated foster families, we are able to give them the support they need to blossom.

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