Every year, millions of community cats, or feral cats, are euthanized in shelters after being brought there by well-intentioned individuals. Many do not know that this population of cats live and thrive outdoors, and by bringing them to local shelters they are often subjecting them to an unnecessary fate. Sadly, many of these shelters lack the resources and staffing to provide the best care for community cats- which is Trap, Neuter, Return.
At Ten Lives we recognize the life and dignity of community cats. Though they will never be the loving indoor cats that we all recognize, we believe they are no less deserving of safety and care. What can you do to help cats in our community? 
  • Sponsor a community cat shelter for $20
  • Sponsor food for community cats for $35
  • Sponsor a spay/neuter and vaccinations for $65
Falkor's feral brother who was TNR'd
This Global Cat Day we are asking for your support to help improve the lives of cats in our community. No amount is too small and every penny of your donation helps cats in need! 
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