Two Cats Are Better Than One

Have you ever heard the term “bonded pair” and wondered what it meant, or why two cats are required to be adopted together? A bonded pair is a duo of cats that have formed a strong emotional bond to each other and need be adopted into the same home together. A bonded pair typically does everything together—they’ll play together, sleep together, and groom each other. When they play, they also have a sense of how far they can take any roughhousing or play-fighting. Bonded pairs can also rely on each other to help out with social and interactive behavioral hints, and can provide a constant companion.

A bonded pair can also act independently from one another, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are not bonded. They will call out to each other and seek one another out when they are feeling stressed, upset, lonely, frightened, or just want to hang out or play. Separating a bonded pair is never recommended, and is liable to lead to anxiety and depression issues in one or both cats.

Gryphon and Pan
Sabrina and Sophie

Ten Lives Cat Rescue recognizes the importance of bonded pairs, and how they’re “better together.” We currently have several bonded pairs waiting to find their forever homes:

Gryphon and Pan are two five-month-old boys who are looking for a home to call their own! Gryphon is known as a bit of a wild child, and Pan is considered a gentle giant. When they’re not playing, they enjoy curling up together at the top of a cat tree. They are still working on their catfidence, so they are looking for a home where they can continue to grow and thrive. Gryphon and Pan love cats and kids, but have not been tested with dogs.

Sabrina and Sophie are bonded sisters who are looking for their forever home. While they love playing and zoomies, they also love to curl up for chin scratches. Sabrina and Sophie are looking for a calm, mellow home, and are okay with cat-savvy kids. They have not been tested with dogs.

Fat Boy and Muscles are a happy, gentle, loveable four-year-old duo who are ready to find a forever home. Fat Boy is an outgoing, social boy who loves to be around people. He loves to be pet and snuggled! Muscles is more mellow and takes some time to warm up to people, but once he does, he is an absolute love bug.

Adora and Corazon are a one-year-old bonded pair who have recently graduated from our Forgotten Feline Program. Adora is calm, friendly, and inquisitive, and loves to play with her toys and be pet. She can make anything into a toy! Corazon is a people cat! She is affectionate, loving, and starts purring before you even start petting her. She can often be found laying on the couch or keeping her foster family company.

Fat Boy and Muscles
Adora and Corazon

While potential adopters worry that multiple cats equals more work, this is not the case! These cats are already on the same feeding schedule, and you already have to scoop the litter box daily. You will get double the love for the same amount of work. By adopting a bonded pair, you are also saving two lives instead of one. Being adopted into a new home can be a scary situation for some cats, but having their best friend with them can help them acclimate during the transition period. It also means you just opened up much-needed space in our foster homes for two more cats that need our help.

Interested in adopting a bonded pair? Fill out an Adoption Application for one of our featured pairs above, or visit our Adoptable Cats page!

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