November 2021 Adoptions

19 cats and kittens were adopted from Ten Lives this month! Ranging from approximately four months old to ten years old, many of our November adoptions strays who came from our community cats efforts, and were outdoors due to lack of spay/neuter and cat overpopulation. These cats were gradually socialized while they learned about the comforts being indoors. Others came to our rescue due to unfortunate circumstances that were no fault of their own.

The road to adoption isn’t always easy—this month, there were some cases where cats required extensive medical care and extremely dedicated and patient foster families. Our rescue relies heavily on donations from our amazing supporters to help us give the cats in our care the best possible chance at long, healthy lives where they are cherished by their forever families. In response to the cats in our program’s needs, we have created our Forgotten Feline program to help scared and under-socialized cats regain trust and confidence.

We have created The Lazzy Fund, which gives a second chance to those cats who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical and lifesaving medical care.

This month, both the Forgotten Feline program and The Lazzy Fund helped several of our cats prior to their adoptions:

Witchiepoo arrived at our rescue at approximately 10 weeks old as a stray kitten with a severely injured eye. She ended up having enucleation surgery, and has since recovered perfectly. Now 22 weeks old, Witchiepoo is a sweet, social kitten who curious about the big world around her. She enjoys being carried around, and she has lots of fun kitten energy and enjoys zooming around. She loves playing with all her toys and when she’s all tired out, you might just find her in a comfortable bed!

Rocky Balboa was a three-year-old stray tomcat that was trapped as part of our community cats efforts. He had a very significant face injury when he arrived, which was likely from not being neutered and fighting with other male cats over territory and female cats. He has also tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is common in unneutered cats. Over time, his incredible foster dad helped him heal beautifully and has since adopted him.

Bella is a graduate of our Forgotten Feline program, and is approximately 10 years old. When she arrived at the rescue, she was very overweight and matted. She had lost her home after her owner died, and lived in a hallway for a prolonged period of time. As a result, Bella was understandably shut down. Her foster mom, who has a soft spot for our undersocialized cats, did an amazing job job socializing Bella and getting her ready for adoption. Today, Bella is thriving in her forever home!

Congratulations to Bella, Ben Franklin, Chickie, Danish, Fat Boy, Fernando, Gingersnap, Hashbrown, Joel, Kairi, Muscles, Pieper, Rocky Balboa, Rue, Sam, Shadow, Stanley, Symba, and Witchiepoo for finding their forever homes!

Are you interested in adopting a cat from Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Take a look at our adoptable cats!

How can you help the cats currently in Ten Lives’ care? Sponsor a Forgotten Feline, become a foster, donate to The Lazzy Fund, or purchase a needed item on our Wishlist.

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