January 2022 Adoptions

January was a busy month for us: 51 cats and kittens went to their forever homes this month! Some of our adopted cats arrived to our rescue due to unfortunate circumstances that were no fault of their own, while others were humanely trapped as strays thanks to our community cats efforts. Five adopted kittens this month were born in our rescue and have known the comforts of indoor life and full bellies from the beginning – these kittens were born in October, and are all a part of our “Candy” litter! Eight cats and kittens were adopted by their foster families, and 12 cats and kittens were a part of double adoptions.

Our rescue relies heavily on donations from our amazing supporters to help us give the cats in our care the best possible chance at long, healthy lives where they are cherished by their forever families. In response to the cats in our program’s needs, we have created our Forgotten Feline program to help scared and under-socialized cats regain trust and confidence. We have also created The Lazzy Fund, which gives a second chance to those cats who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical and lifesaving medical care. The Forgotten Feline program and The Lazzy Fund help many of our cats during their time in our rescue, and this month, two of our Forgotten Feline graduates were adopted!

The "Candy" litter
Lydia and Ida, graduates of our Forgotten Feline program

Recently, our rescue has been caring for several cats who were diagnosed with ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal infection affecting the skin and hair of animals and people. There are three species of ringworm that commonly affect cats. Animals at any age are susceptible to contracting ringworm, but young animals (less than 1 year old) and geriatric animals are at the highest risk. Animals with compromised immune systems (FIV, FeLV, malnutrition, etc.) and with preexisting conditions also have an increased risk. The best and most reliable way to diagnose ringworm is with a PCR test and/or fungal culture. Ringworm treatment takes six weeks, and successful treatment of ringworm includes topical treatment, oral medication, and reducing environmental contamination. Thanks to our dedicated foster families, 15 kittens who were successfully treated for ringworm were adopted this month.

Congratulations to Asra, Casper, Caulimeower, Clint Eastwood, Dahlia, Ellie, Elton, Freckles, Garbo, Georgio Armani, Gryphon, Hall, Hendrix, Honey, Honor, Ida, Iris, Kathleen, Kit Kat, Lydia, Mavis, Memphis, Oates, Pan, Pawtato, Peppurr, Puck, Pumpkin, Purrsnip, Reese, Rolo, Romana, Roselina, Russet, Seabiscuit, Shorty, Skittle, Smartie, Squeak, Squeaky, Stormer, Taco, Tiggie, Tina, Tinsel, Toddy, Tomeowto, Vanilla Fudge, Wiley, Winfrey, and Xena for finding their forever homes!

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How can you help the cats currently in Ten Lives’ care? Sponsor a Forgotten Feline, become a foster, donate to The Lazzy Fund, or purchase a needed item on our Wishlist.

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