February 2022 Adoptions

22 cats and kittens went to their forever homes this month! Ranging from six months to 12-years-old, some of our adopted cats arrived to our rescue due to unfortunate circumstances that were no fault of their own, while others were humanely trapped as strays thanks to our community cats efforts. Nine cats and kittens were adopted by their foster families, including one double adoption. One cat was adopted through our Foster-to-Adopt program.

Our rescue relies heavily on donations from our amazing supporters to help us give the cats in our care the best possible chance at long, healthy lives where they are cherished by their forever families. In response to the cats in our program’s needs, we have created our Forgotten Feline program to help scared and under-socialized cats regain trust and confidence. We have also created The Lazzy Fund, which gives a second chance to those cats who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical and lifesaving medical care. The Forgotten Feline program and The Lazzy Fund help many of our cats during their time in our rescue.

Our Foster-to-Adopt program allows potential adopters to interact and bond with a cat in their home prior to making a lifelong commitment. Fostering-to-adopt is a great way to see a cat’s true personality, watch how they integrate into your household, and determine whether adoption is the best match for the cat and family. Foster-to-Adopt applicants are approved through our normal adoption process and based on the specific needs of the cat. Once approved, an adopter will bring home their new feline friend and have 30 days to determine whether they are a perfect fit for them and their family. During the 30-day foster-to-adopt period, the adopter responsible for providing food and litter; however, we will provide any outstanding vet care at a partner rescue veterinarian. At the end of the 30 days, the adoption can be made official by signing an adoption agreement and paying the adoption fee. If the adopter feels that they and the cat are not a good match, the cat can be returned our care. If an adopter wishes to continue fostering until the cat is adopted, we will list the cat for adoption on our website and social media pages, and will provide more information about our foster program. This month, Shirelle found her forever home through our Foster-to-Adopt program!

Yamada’s story is a common one for our rescue: she was humanely trapped in August 2021, and arrived with ringworm. She was slated to be released after she was spayed and vetted because she was shy and we didn’t have any fosters that could take her in. However, our Intake Coordinator decided to make room for Yamada because she wasn’t feral; she was young and scared. During her time in her foster home, Yamada suffered three rectal prolapses, which multiple cats where she was trapped also unfortunately endured. We ended up requesting a specific surgery to help Yamada so she would no longer suffer from this condition. Despite multiple vet visits, a surgery, cones of shame, lots and lots of medications, “Yammy” (as her foster mom calls her) blossomed, and this month, she found a wonderful forever home where she is already sleeping in her adopter’s bed. Her transformation was incredible, and was incredibly rewarding to see unfold.

We are always looking for new foster families to join our rescue – if you are interested in helping cats like Yamada, please fill out a foster application. We would love for you to join us as we help the cats in our community!

Congratulations to Ackbar, Arch 2, Bianca, Chicken Finger, Fontaine, Franklin, Ivan, Julius, Junebug, Liliana, Lovey, Marky Mark, Max, Milton, Mother, Sadie, Shirelle, Toto, Tuukka, Weasley, Yamada, and Zappa for finding their forever homes!

Are you interested in adopting a cat from Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Take a look at our adoptable cats!

How can you help the cats currently in Ten Lives’ care? Sponsor a Forgotten Feline, become a foster, apply for one of our volunteer opportunities, donate to The Lazzy Fund, or purchase a needed item on our Wishlist.

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