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As a supporter of our rescue, you have most likely heard of and have contributed towards The Lazzy Fund. Established in honor of a cat named Lazarus who joined our program in April 2019, Lazarus (or Lazzy, as his foster parents called him) was a cat who belonged to no one, yet was loved by all and inspired everyone in our community. His complicated medical story and remarkable recovery inspired us to start The Lazzy Fund to help cats just like him.

We’re dedicated to giving a second chance to cats like Lazzy who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical medical care. Many of the cats in our program have lived difficult lives outside, leading to medical issues above and beyond routine veterinary care. We believe funds should not be the limiting factor when making decisions about urgent, life-saving care.

We currently have 14 cats in our care who are benefiting from The Lazzy Fund:

Ingrid, a sweet senior cat, spent the last two years living under a deck before she joined our rescue. Since she arrived to her foster mom’s house in November, she has had two dental surgeries, has been dealing with ear infections, and has needed significant follow-up care. Ingrid is also FIV positive as a result of living outside for so long. Ingrid recently became available for adoption and is hoping for a loving home to enjoy her golden years.

Daisy has a grade III heart murmur and is scheduled for a consultation with a cardiologist at Ocean State Veterinary Services. Depending on the results of this exam, Daisy may need to take medications, but this will be determined during her visit. Daisy and her best friend, Gus, are available for adoption prior to Daisy’s appointment. The expense of the first exam will be inclusive of the adoption fee thanks to The Lazzy Fund.

Itty Bitty joined our rescue in November and was suffering from chronic upper respiratory infections. Thanks to the Lazzy Fund, Itty Bitty was able to receive care from an internal medicine specialist and had a rhinoscopy completed to rule out polpys and other causes of his chronic URIs. Despite Itty Bitty’s medical issues, he remains a friendly, outgoing, and playful cat!

George recently joined our rescue, and like Itty Bitty, was suffering from chronic upper respiratory infections. George is scheduled to receive care from an internal medicine specialist and will likely need a rhinoscopy to determine the cause of his chronic URIs. As George receives medical care and we learn more about his personality, we will share updates with you!

Jo is part of our Forgotten Feline program, and prior to joining our rescue, lived his entire life on the streets. Over the course of his time at our rescue, he has received care from an internal medicine specialist as well as multiple dental exams to treat his severe stomatitis. Recently, Jo was diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and is now on a urinary friendly prescription diet. Jo is also FIV positive due to his life outdoors. Despite Jo’s medical issues, he is an inquisitive cat who loves to be pet, and sleeps at his foster mom’s feet every night. You can learn more about Jo by following his Instagram!

Lily Pad is a beautiful tortie who is brand new to our rescue. She has been diagnosed with luxating patella, a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. Due to this condition, Lily Pad will likely need surgery in the near future to correct it.

Lucky joined our rescue after her owner went into assisted living. Lucky is a mellow senior with ongoing health issues. Some of Lucky’s health concerns include high blood pressure, a grade II heart murmur, and stage 3/4 kidney disease. Lucky is currently scheduled for an internal medicine consultation to manage her blood pressure. Due to her kidney disease, Lucky is on a kidney friendly prescription diet and receives fluids on a regular basis.

Peanut joined Ten Lives in March after his owner could no longer provide care. After arriving, we discovered that Peanut is FIV, FeLV, and heartworm positive. He is also suffering from severe stomatitis and ulceration on his paw pads. Despite this, Peanut is friendly, affectionate, and happy. With the help of our partner vet and the Lazzy Fund, Peanut will receive the care he needs to live the best life possible.

Mowgli is a 5-month-old kitten who recently joined our rescue after being attacked by a dog and needed urgent medical care. He was suffering from significant injuries on both of his rear legs and needed extensive surgery to repair his mobility. He will also require significant rehabilitative care while in his foster home. Pumpkin captured the hearts of the vet staff caring for him, and is now thriving in his foster home!

Trent joined Ten Lives after living outside for quite some time. When he arrived to his foster home, he was feeling under the weather and had an unresolved elevated temperature. With the help of our vet and an internal medicine specialist, Trent was diagnosed with mycoplasma and toxoplasmosis. After ongoing treatment, Trent is feeling and looking better and will soon be ready for adoption!

Mrs. Bellingham is a senior cat who recently joined our rescue. She has been diagnosed with diabetic mellitus and is exhibiting signs of acromegaly, which is caused by excess secretion of growth hormone. Mrs. Bellingham is scheduled for a visit with our partner vet and will likely need care by an internal medicine specialist. Her foster mom says she’s just the sweetest gal and we are thrilled to be able to help Mrs. Bellingham!

Lucy joined our rescue about a year ago, and arrived in very poor shape. She was suffering from a terrible upper respiratory infection, stomatitis, and her fur was very sparse. With the help of our partner vet and an internal medicine specialist, Lucy was able to have a rhinoscopy to rule out polyps and had a much-needed dental. After a lot of trial and error, Lucy’s allergies are under control thanks to a prescription diet. Her foster family says Lucy is playful, and loves giving kisses, looking out windows, and keeping them company. Lucy is currently available for adoption.

Tiger is a friendly orange boy who loves to be held and carried. He joined our rescue after his beloved human passed away. Tiger has had a heart defect that has been present from birth, which causes his blood to flow into the heart incorrectly. However, his body has adapted to his heart defect, and he is fairly active. Tiger also has a grade V heart murmur, which he has seen a cardiologist for. Tiger is available for adoption, and is looking for loving humans who are understanding of his medical issues.

Squiggy joined Ten Lives when he was just three days old. Thanks to around-the-clock care, Squiggy has grown into a strong and loving feline despite the odds. Squiggy was diagnosed with severe cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. Despite this, Squiggy has the spirit of a lion and has adjusted to his life thanks to modifications and adjustments that his foster parents have made. Squiggy recently started physical therapy at Rhode Island Pet Rehab and has been doing his exercises at home. Squiggy is available for adoption! His ideal adopters will be patient, flexible, loving, and willing to make accommodations to help Squiggy live his best life. Learn more about Squiggy and follow his adventures on Facebook!

Your generous gifts allow Ten Lives to give second chances to an often-forgotten population of cats, such as Ingrid, Daisy, Itty Bitty, George, Jo, Lily Pad, Lucky, Peanut, Mowgli, Trent, Mrs. Bellingham, Lucy, Tiger, and Squiggy. No donation amount is ever too small, and the entirety of your gift helps save lives! Learn more and become a monthly or one-time supporter of the Lazzy Fund by clicking here. We appreciate your support as we continue to fulfill our mission!

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