Volunteer Spotlight: Amy

Did you know that Ten Lives Cat Rescue is run entirely by volunteers? We currently have over 100 volunteers in various roles helping us achieve our mission—to save homeless, abused, and abandoned cats by providing veterinary care, rehabilitation services, and then placing them into loving adoptive homes.

Amy has been volunteering with us for almost four years, and has filled the crucial roles of Supply Coordinator and foster during her time with us. Amy and her family have three resident cats: Hopper and Shiva from another local rescue, and Waffle from a local animal shelter. They also have the loveliest feral kitty, Elsa, who lives in their shed. Amy is currently fostering her first blind cat, Pookie, and her kitty friend, Callie-Flower. Pookie and Callie-Flower are currently available for adoption! We are truly grateful for everything Amy does as a volunteer!

Amy's resident cats and her "resident" feral cat, Elsa
Amy and her daughter with Lucky
1. How did you originally hear about us, and what made you decide to become a volunteer?

I grew up with cats, and when I moved out on my own, I adopted a cat I named Lucky. He was one of those cats who change your life. He was the sweetest, and was there for me through thick and thin. When he passed away in 2018, I was devastated. I started looking into adopting another cat. If nothing else, it was a good distraction. I heard about Ten Lives Cat Rescue and other foster-based rescues through social media. Before that, I really didn’t know much about them. While I ended up adopting through another rescue, I really fell in love with Ten Lives and the work they do, so I reached out about fostering. I decided the only way to honor my amazing cat’s memory was to help save as many other cats as I can.

2. What is your favorite story or memory while volunteering with us?

I have so many great memories and stories. In 2020, I took on my first truly under socialized cat. Vanya came to me absolutely terrified—she was visibly trembling. My favorite memory with Vanya is probably the first time she let me pet her. I was moved to tears. Seeing her transformation was amazing!

3. What have you learned during your time as a volunteer?

I’ve learned about community cats and their struggles. I’ve also learned a lot about patience and gratitude. Ten Lives gives every single cat a chance, and you can tell that these cats are so grateful.

4. What do you wish other people knew about us?

I wish people knew how easy it is to be a foster. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, cats, dogs, etc. You truly just need a spare room and some love to give. There are also so many other volunteer roles with Ten Lives that just require small commitments of time, but have a huge impact. I hear a lot of people say “I could never foster; I’d adopt them all!” While it’s true that you do get attached, the joy of seeing these cats placed in their perfect homes always outweighs the sadness of saying goodbye.

Amy's son with their former foster, Gleam
5. What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?

I’m a stay at home mom to boy/girl twins and a caregiver to my elderly mom.

6. How do you think Ten Lives Cat Rescue will change over the next five years?

I’ve seen so much growth in the rescue over the past few years! I can only see us getting bigger and better. I see a physical facility in our future, likely with veterinary services.

7. Why should others consider volunteering with us?

This group is amazing! Everyone works together, and there are people assigned to every imaginable role. You never feel alone or overburdened, and the amount of love you are able to give to these cats comes back to you tenfold.

8. What have you gained while volunteering with us?

I’ve gained a ton of new knowledge about cats. I’ve gained self-confidence, new friends, and so much more. This has also been an amazing experience for my kids. They are so involved and have learned so much about patience and giving. It has been so rewarding to see them grow in their junior volunteer roles.

9. How much of an impact do you feel your volunteer work has had with Ten Lives Cat Rescue?

I keep in touch with my former foster cats’ adopters, and that reminds me of how much of an impact I have had on those cats and their forever families. I think that every role within the rescue is important and has a positive impact. The opportunity is always there to learn a new skill. You can coordinate adoptions, work with sick or undersocialized cats, trap community cats for spay/neuter services, fundraise, etc. I look forward to diving into those roles more as my kids grow up.

Amy and her daughter with their former foster, Jovi

Are you interested in volunteering with Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Read about our open volunteer roles and fill out a Volunteer Application, become a foster, sponsor a Forgotten Feline, and purchase needed supplies through our Wishlist!

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  1. Your organization rocks for highlighting volunteers! people like this desserve to be recognized daily. thank you for your dedication from. One volunteer to another.
    All your volunteers are special treat them well

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