Volunteer Spotlight: Angela

Did you know that Ten Lives Cat Rescue is run entirely by volunteers? We currently have over 100 volunteers in various roles helping us achieve our mission—to save homeless, abused, and abandoned cats by providing veterinary care, rehabilitation services, and then placing them into loving adoptive homes.

Angela has been volunteering with Ten Lives for about a year but has been involved with animal rescue for much longer! Angela is one of our amazing fosters, and she is a part of our Community Cats team. She also helps manage our social media inbox—if you’ve reached out to us, there’s a chance you have spoken to Angela! Angela has three resident dogs named Griff, Gus, and Riley, and one cat names Penny. She is currently fostering Barry, a six-week-old kitten and former bottle baby, and Ziti, a two-year-old pregnant cat. We are thankful Angela chose to volunteer with our rescue and appreciate everything she does!

A few of Angela's former foster kittens!
Five of Angela's former foster cats
1. How did you start volunteering at Ten Lives?

I’ve been involved in animal rescue for over five years and have always enjoyed working with both dogs and cats. I am now working from home full time and have the time and love to give to a foster animal. I try to help in any way I can within the rescue with fostering, trapping, and other support!

2. What motivates you to give back to the community with Ten Lives?

I absolutely love being able to support our community by caring for foster cats and community cats. The Ten Lives volunteers have built such a connected community that we are able to support people in the entire state of RI; whether that’s through owner surrenders, trap-neuter-return (TNR), or abandoned cats. Through the rescue’s social media messages, I can see that there are so many people in our community who care about the kitties they see outside, and it’s amazing we are able to help them.

3. What is your favorite memory while volunteering with us?

This year I had the privilege of learning how to bottle feed, and I was able to help a two-week-old kitten that was found in a machine at the landfill early on a Saturday morning. I was able to pick him up and bring him home, figure out how to bottle feed and stimulate him to eat/use the bathroom, and he is now thriving. He is now six weeks old and is eating kitten food. It was an amazing experience, even having to get up to feed him every three hours for a few weeks. The experience was incredibly rewarding, and I will certainly be helping with bottle feeding kittens again soon.

Barry, the foster kitten Angela bottle fed
4. Why should others consider volunteering with us?

There are so many different roles within our organization, which makes it easy to find one that you enjoy and fits your schedule. The team support we have within Ten Lives is amazing, and I always know that I can reach out on Facebook or directly to the others volunteers and can receive support with any issues I may be having. The best part about Ten Lives is that you are never expected to get in over your head or put in a situation where you feel overwhelmed. Our Intake Coordinator, Kim, works with our fosters to find the right fit for each person and cat’s situation.

5. What do you love to do when you aren’t volunteering?

I love to spend time with my dogs and go for hikes in our area.

Are you interested in volunteering with Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Read about our open volunteer roles and fill out a Volunteer Application, become a foster, sponsor a Forgotten Feline, support The Lazzy Fund, and purchase needed supplies through our Wishlist!

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