Volunteer Spotlight: Kelsey

Did you know that Ten Lives Cat Rescue is run entirely by volunteers? We currently have over 100 volunteers in various roles helping us achieve our mission—to save homeless, abused, and abandoned cats by providing veterinary care, rehabilitation services, and then placing them into loving adoptive homes.

Kelsey has been volunteering with us since November 2021, after adopting her second cat with us. We think the highest praise is when an adopter decides to join our organization as a volunteer! Kelsey started as one of our Adoption Coordinators, and soon joined our dedicated PetSmart team. Over the last year, she also joined our foster team and has helped several cats find their forever homes! She is currently fostering K-Ci, who is available for adoption.

Kelsey has three resident “Ten Lives diva cats”—Zuzu, Winnie, and Mona.

1. How did you start volunteering at Ten Lives?

After I adopted my second Ten Lives cat in 2021, I knew I wanted to be a part of the organization and give back. I started as an Adoption Coordinator, and later, I became a PetSmart volunteer and a foster.

Kelsey's resident cats while they were in Ten Lives' care
2. What motivates you to give back to the community with Ten Lives?

I grew up with cats my entire life, and they’ve always held a very special place in my heart. Seeing all the cats that Ten Lives saves from suffering on the streets motivates me to want to do more (which is why I’ve partly convinced my fiancé to use our guest space as a foster room!). It truly takes a village to do rescue work, and it’s wonderful to see how many people also share the same passion to give back and to help save so many special, deserving cats.

3. What is your favorite memory while volunteering with us?

My favorite memory is when I fostered a cat named Sammy – the sweetest, fluffiest boy who was hanging out at PetSmart for several months waiting for his forever home. He never really left his homey “cube” there, so we thought it would be beneficial for him to have some time to explore outside of a cage as a foster at my house. He turned into a social, playful cat with a little love and space to blossom, and then found his forever home. I still get updates from his new family who love him, and I had the amazing opportunity to see how impactful fostering can be.

4. Why should others consider volunteering with us?

There is such a HUGE need for volunteers because of the sad reality that there are many, many cats in need. No amount of time is too little to volunteer! I also have to mention this because I work in healthcare/research, but being a volunteer is good for your emotional, physical, and mental health. It is scientifically proven that spending time with animals helps lower your stress levels and blood pressure, so volunteering has many benefits.

5. What do you love to do when you aren’t volunteering?

When I’m not volunteering, I’m typically drinking wine and falling asleep on the couch with my cats (like a true cat lady), sending my fiancé cat memes, asking him if we can foster more cats, enjoying nature, or planning our next house project!

Are you interested in volunteering with Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Read about our open volunteer roles and fill out a Volunteer Application, become a foster, sponsor a Forgotten Feline, support The Lazzy Fund, and purchase needed supplies through our Wishlist!

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