Dignity for Every Cat

We believe that every cat in our community deserves to live with dignity.

What does “dignity for every cat” mean? For us, it means that every cat deserves access to veterinary care and the opportunity to live in an environment where they can thrive. We know that providing dignity to every cat in our community is a big goal, but we believe it is a goal worth pursuing. 

On Giving Tuesday, we will highlight the cats in our community whose lives have been dramatically improved because of your support. Their stories demonstrate the incredible impact that is possible when community members, donors, and volunteers work together. Inspired by these stories, a generous supporter is matching donations up to $7,500 through December 1st! 

No matter when you give, your donation will help us increase our life-changing impact in 2024. 


Zinnia came to our attention while completing a spay/neuter project in Cumberland, RI. When she showed up on our trail camera, we were alarmed by the large wound on her neck and worked quickly to humanely trap her. 

Once in our care, we discovered that the wound covered 70% of Zinnia’s neck and that she would require extensive care for it to heal. With help from our friends at the Community Cat Center, Zinnia started her healing journey. For three months, Zinnia underwent sedated exams and regular bandage changes. 

During this time we hoped that Zinnia would become accustomed to humans, but it was obvious that she would not thrive indoors. Once healed, Zinnia was returned to her outdoor home with her feline friends and has been thriving ever since! 


Gerald was 1 of 16 cats that our Community Cat program has helped from one street in Providence, RI. After Gerald joined Ten Lives, we discovered that he had a liver mass and was missing a kidney. Gerald’s prognosis was poor and we didn’t know how much time we had left with him, but we knew that we would treasure every minute with him. 

Sometimes, the dignity we provide is a loving foster family until it’s time to say goodbye.

For seven months, Gerald was spoiled with cuddles, treats, and all of his favorite things. Although we could not provide him with the adoptive family he deserved, Gerald was safe and loved. Fly free sweet Gerald. 

Miss. Bergeron

Miss. Bergeron was brought to the emergency after being struck by a car on the highway. Although her prognosis was guarded, the staff believed that she would recover from her injuries, but would need support from a local rescue. When we heard about Miss. Bergeron’s story, we knew that we wanted to be part of her journey. 

For ten weeks, Miss. Bergeron was on crate rest and received care for multiple injuries. Unfortunately, her rear leg could not be repaired and required amputation. With support from her amazing foster family, Miss. Bergeron made a full recovery and blossomed into an affectionate and endearing feline. 

Miss Bergeron is now thriving in her adoptive home with a previous Ten Lives adopter! 


Marius and his siblings were born outside in Woonsocket, RI, and joined Ten Lives after we were contacted by a Good Samaritan. Every year, thousands of kittens are born outside and only 25% live past six months old. 

Like many kittens born outside, Marius and his siblings were sick and required extensive vet care. Every year, we care for numerous kittens with preventable illnesses or injuries. Unfortunately, Marius’ eye did not recover and enucleation surgery was required. 

With support from his foster family, Marius made a full recovery and has adapted to being a one-eyed feline! 


13-year-old Junior was surrendered to Ten Lives after his guardian was no longer able to care for him. Junior never received veterinary which resulted in multiple health issues. We discovered that Junior had stomatitis, cataracts, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and untreated ear infections that resulted in scarred tissue. 

Thanks to generous supporters, Junior received a dental to relieve his mouth pain and a total ear canal ablation and ventral bulla osteotomy (TECA-BO) to cure years of untreated ear infections. After surgery, Junior was like a brand-new cat! His foster mom says that Junior has more energy and has started playing! 

Currently, Junior is receiving care from the ophthalmologist at Ocean State Veterinary Services. Due to years of untreated eye issues, Junior developed eye ulcers and increased pressure. We’re happy to report that his condition is improving and he will be available for adoption soon!


Rambo joined Ten Lives after a Good Samaritan in Cumberland, RI, contacted us for help. When Rambo joined our foster program he was matted, infested with fleas, and had an upper respiratory infection. We soon discovered that Rambo had kidney disease, severe stomatitis, and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). 

Due to the severity of Rambo’s dental disease, he was referred to a dental specialist for care. Sadly, before Rambo could receive care he went into kidney failure and rapidly declined. We believe that part of providing dignity to cats in our community is knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. 

Rambo crossed the rainbow bridge as a loved feline with his foster mom by his side. 

From kittens to feral cats, we believe that every cat deserves to live with dignity. You can help provide dignity to cats in our community by making a tax-deductible donation to Ten Lives Cat Rescue. 

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