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Meet our Graduates

We are incredibly proud of the cats that graduate from our Forgotten Feline program! Thanks to our dedicated foster families these once scared and forgotten cats now live in loving adoptive homes. Through socialization sessions, positive reinforcement, and persistence we are able to witness remarkable breakthroughs- big and small. Their success proves that given the support and time needed, cats deemed “unadoptable” can succeed. 

Baby- 2019 Graduate

Baby joined Ten Lives after his human suddenly passed away and he had no where to go. Unknowingly, the family brought him to the shelter thinking that was the safest place for him, but sadly that was not the case. Baby was terrified and failed his behavioral assessment. Because of this he was at risk of being euthanized, but Ten Lives volunteers jumped into action to save his life. Once in a foster home, Baby was able to decompress, build his confidence, and blossom into the wonderful cat we knew he was. Baby has since joined his forever home and his humans tell us 

Billy- 2019 Graduate

Billy arrived at his foster home in February 2019 with his sister Sable. They had been living outside and were trapped outside of a hospital in Providence. Both kittens were extremely fearful upon arrival. From the very beginning, Billy loved to be held tight and pet, but you could tell he was still terrified. It took months for Billy to gain the trust of the new humans in his life, often hiding, but with lots of patience and perseverance he was finally adopted out to an amazing adopter who fell in love with him at PetSmart. Billy now has a young cat sister who continues to help show him the ropes. He is no longer hiding and welcomes pets and attention without fear

Binx (FKA Minnie)- 2019 Graduate


Before joining Ten Lives, Binx was living outside as a young cat and struggling to survive. When Binx first arrived arrived to her foster home she was terrified and couldn’t be touched. Thanks to the dedication of her foster mom and lots of tasty treats Binx learned to trust humans and blossomed into the loving feline she was always meant to be. Binx has since been adopted and her forever family tells us she is cuddly and loves receiving affection! 

Buddy- 2020 Graduate


Buddy joined Ten Lives after volunteers were called to help kittens living outside in the middle of winter and they caught him during the process. After being neutered, volunteers realized that Buddy wasn’t feral, he was just terrified. Thanks to one of our dedicated fosters, Buddy joined our Forgotten Feline program and was able to work on his confidence and learn to trust humans. It was a slow start, but his support was unwavering and he blossomed into a loving and playful feline. Buddy LOVES other cats (like many under socialized cats) and we’re happy to report that he’s loving life with his forever feline brother!

Fritz (FKA Jefe)- 2020 Graduate


Fritz joined Ten Lives after being humanely trapped by volunteers while they were working to rescue his buddy Lazarus. The quickly realized that Fritz wasn’t feral, but just scared and unsure. Fritz adjusted to indoor life easily, but it took a little longer to gain his trust. But thanks to the dedication of his foster family, Fritz blossomed into a purr machine who loves to be petted and brushed! Fritz was adopted by an amazing family who has a soft spot for the undercat. His family tells us that he gets along wonderfully with both of his feline siblings and has been an amazing addition to their family!  

Hallie (FKA Dora)- 2020 Graduate

Hallie was found living outside as part of a large colony. Despite being painfully shy, it was obvious to volunteers that she was in no way feral. After joining her foster home Hallie spent most of her time under the bed or in a closet, but her foster mom was able to gain her trust through play. She had a favorite wand toy that she would come out of anywhere for if she heard the bell. She discovered that she loved to be pet and would sleep at her foster mom’s feet every night . Hallie found a patient and loving adopter who understood that she would blossom over time, and she has. She is now living her best life in a beautiful home with a new cat friend and 3 special humans. Hallie now loves enjoying pets from her new family and still plays with her favorite wand toy.

Lazarus- 2019 Graduate

Prior to joining Ten Lives, Lazarus was just another tomcat living on the streets of Woonsocket. A Good Samaritan became concerned after she noticed that Lazarus was injured and having an increasingly difficult time walking. After 10 days Ten Lives volunteers were able to bring Lazarus to safety and we were able to determine the full scope of his injuries. Sadly, Lazarus was suffering from multiple leg wounds, a severe ear infection, cystitis, and broken teeth. Shortly after arriving to his foster home, Lazzy became critically ill with sudden onset diabetes and spent 4 days receiving inpatient urgent care. Thanks to generous donors we were able to provide this life-saving care to Lazzy and he made a full recovery. Once Lazzy was healthy he underwent TECA-BO surgery to cure his chronic ear infection. Through all this we learned that Lazzy wasn’t the scary feral cat thought to be, but was a loving and endearing feline waiting for a chance. Lazzy has since been adopted and his forever human tells us that he’s the love of her life! You can learn about The Lazzy Fund and our dedication to helping those deemed not worth saving. 

Maki (FKA Tenny)- 2019 Graduate

Maki (FKA Tennessee) was rescued along with her Forgotten Feline friends Fritz and Lazarus. In fact, some of their markings are so similar that we think all 3 cats are related. Maki was terrified when she joined our program, but we quickly realized she was just being defensive and not at all feral. Maki’s foster mom quickly gained her trust and discovered that she not only enjoyed human attention, but also loved to play. Like so many other under socialized cats, Maki loves other cats and we’re happy to report that she shares her forever home with Ten Lives alum Gypsy!  

Peachy- 2020 Graduate

Peachy had been living outside for years prior to joining Ten Lives. He was originally part of a TNR effort, but one of the rescue’s cofounders saw potential in him. His start to indoor life was rocky, but thanks to the dedication of his foster family Peachy made tremendous progress. Peachy discovered that he loved belly rubs, laying in his foster mom’s lap, and napping in comfy beds. He is now loved and cherished by an adopter who understood that he might need some time to transition but was willing to give him that time. 

Scotch (FKA Butterscotch)- 2019 Graduate


Scotch arrived to Ten Lives after being rescued from a hoarding situation in Rhode Island. Of the cats rescued from this situation he and his “sister”, Sophie, were the most shy. With patience, his foster mom was able to gain his trust and he slowly began to blossom into the cat he is today. It started off slow, but once Scotch learned to trust humans there was no looking back! He now lives with his forever humans and feline sister Wednesday.

Sophie- 2019 Graduate


Sophie arrived to Ten Lives after being rescued from a hoarding situation in Rhode Island. Of the cats rescued, Sophie and her “brother”, Butterscotch, were the most shy. Sophie was particularly timid, but she gained confidence by watching her feline foster siblings and learned to trust humans. Thanks to the dedication of her foster family, Sophie learned that she loves sleeping in beds and receiving affection. Sophie now resides with her forever family which includes a feline sibling!

Stella- 2020 Graduate


Stella came to Ten Lives after spending years outside having litter after litter. When she first joined her foster home she was unsure about humans; but thanks to the dedication of her foster mom, Stella gained confidence and revealed her a true self. We discovered that she loves playing with wand toys, being brushed, exploring, and hanging out on her favorite cat condo. In fact, indoor life suited her well! After spending 400 days in our program, Stella found the perfect forever home! She now spends her days lounging on the couch and hanging out with her feline sister! 

Winnie- 2020 Graduate

Winnie came to Ten Lives along with 9 other cats after their owner could no longer care for them. None of the cats had been spayed or neutered or even seen a vet in their lifetime. All of the cats, including Winnie, were suffering from upper respiratory infections, malnourished, and infested with fleas . Shortly after her arrival, Winnie gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. Despite best efforts, 2 of the kittens passed away and the other 3 struggled to thrive. Winnie was just a young cat herself and was painfully shy. Thanks to her dedicated foster mom, Winnie blossomed and overcame her health battles! She now enjoys a spoiled life in her forever home and her days of having kittens are long behind her! 

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