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2 years old male

Snowball had been living on the streets for quite a while, and outdoor life really wore on him.  He came to us in rough shape with a very large wound on his neck.  He is now getting the medical care he needs, but will also require significant socialization work before he will become adoptable. Like many of the cats in our Forgotten Feline program, Snowball LOVES other friendly cats and the felines in his foster home have been instrumental in the socialization process.  


2 years old male

Jefe was rescued off the streets of Woonsocket along with 4 other cats. It was obvious to volunteers that this handsome boy was not feral, but just terrified. Thanks to a dedicated foster family Jefe has been working on his catifidence and making great strides. He now enjoys being brushed and has formed a special bond with his foster Dad. He loves being around other cats and has recently started to show his playful side. 


1 year old female

Moon Pie was named for her big beautiful eyes.  She and her kittens were discovered living outside in a pile of wood on an abandoned lot.  Though she is a very scared young mom, she’s slowly learning to trust humans now that she and her babies are in TLCR’s care!  Her foster mom is very confident than Moon Pie will blossom into a happy house cat.  She gets more comfortable in her foster home every day; she even allows pets now!


1.5 year old female

Winifred came from a house where over ten other cats resided alongside her. When she arrived at Ten Lives, she was young and pregnant.  Now that her kittens have been weaned and adopted, she’s finally starting to gain some confidence and regain her kittenhood!  She even plays with her foster mom and allows for pets, though she’s still working on trusting new people.  Sweet Winifred will need a home with a patient adopter who will give her the extra love and understanding she requires.


1 year old male

Buddy is a young male cat who had been living outside in the woods before arriving at Ten Lives. When he was first brought into his foster home, he was terrified and confused. But slowly, Buddy began to develop a cautious curiosity towards his surroundings. With the help of a few friendly kitten role models in the house, Buddy has started to blossom into an affectionate cat who loves to knead and sleep in a pile of comfy blankets! His foster mom loves watching him come out of his shell and show off his personality! You are definitely #worthsaving, Buddy!



Salty was a stray cat a volunteer had been feeding for a year.  Though we’re unsure how long he was out on the streets, it seems this boy survived more than one winter outside.  When he was finally able to be trapped, he had a head wound and worms, but this brave survivor is on the mend!  Though he still hisses, he now eats tuna from his foster mom’s hand, loves catnip, and enjoys scratches from his backscratcher.  Salty might have a ways to go before he fully trusts humans, but he’s safe, warm, and cared for now, and we can’t wait to see him blossom!

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