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Baby joined Ten Lives after living outside with a cat colony and struggling to survive. She was the smallest of the group and was routinely harassed by the other cats and unable to eat the food provided by her caregiver. After being spayed and vaccinated, a Ten Lives volunteer took Baby into her home to see if she could adjust to indoor life. Baby has become very accustomed to living indoors and continues to blossom with the help of her foster mom. She loves hanging out on the cat condo, playing with the rainbow wand, and tasty squeeze up treats. 



When Charlie arrived to Ten Lives it was obvious that he had spent a lot of time living outside and trying to survive. After healing his physical wounds, his foster parents got to work healing his emotional wounds. Charlie has adjusted to living indoors and now enjoys bird watching from his favorite window, comfy beds, and treats. He continues to work on learning to trust humans. 



Prior to joining Ten Lives, Ida had lived outside and gave birth to multiple litters of kittens. Thankfully, a good samaritan finally came to her aid and reached out to us for help. After arriving to her foster home, Ida gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. We promised her that would be her last litter! Ida has been a great mother and continues to make progress learning to trust humans. We hope that once her kittens go home, Ida can relax and make even more progress. 



Jo lived his whole life on the streets and was in bad shape when Ten Lives rescued him. Diagnosed with FIV and severe dental issues, all of his teeth required extraction.  On his first vet visit he was so feral that the vet couldn’t get within 3 feet of him. For months he hid in his litter box and under beds. Slowly, Jo began to trust and his catfidence increases by the day. These days he loves pets and has begun to purr, and each night he sleeps on his foster’s feet.  He isn’t much into play but loves being thrown treats he can catch and pounce on. He is inquisitive and curious and continues to blossom every day. You can follow Jo on Instagram to stay up to date on his shenanigans! 



Karuna is a beautiful three year old cat who came to Ten Lives in December 2020 completely under-socialized and shut down.  While still very shy and wary of hands, Karuna loves squeezy treats, catnip, jingle toys, sunbathing, and sitting on her foster father’s feet snuggling for hours.  She’s excellent gentle company, a dedicated work from home supervisor, and seems like she would benefit from a friendly cat sibling.  This girlie takes time to warm up, but once she does, you will have a loyal foot warmer for life!



Lydia is one of our Forgotten Felines. She came to us from an overcrowded colony and was very dirty and matted. She was also quite scared of humans. She hid completely for almost a month, and then for two months she would accept pets but she would not purr or show interest in human affection. She has finally started to turn a corner and has begun to come out of her shell! She is learning to enjoy the great things that come with being a house cat like pets, treats, and comfy beds to sleep on! She has a sweet, playful personality and LOVES other cats. With a little more time and patience, Lydia will be ready for adoption. 

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