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Dash arrived to Ten Lives in January 2020 after the person who rescued her could no longer provide adequate care. We are so grateful that Dash joined Ten Lives because it was obvious that she had been neglected for quite some time and was in the worst shape our vet had ever seen a cat in. As a kitten, Dash was injured and lost function of her rear legs. She gets around amazingly well, but does wear a diaper and uses puppy pads perfectly. After extensive medical care and TLC from her foster Mom the physical wounds of neglect have healed, but Dash continues to work on her socialization. Thanks to her amazing foster Mom, Dash is finally starting to feel secure in life and realizing that she will never be forgotten again. 



Before arriving to Ten Lives, Falkor was living with a large colony of cats in Rhode Island. Volunteers were working to TNR many of the cats from this colony when they realized Falkor was not feral at all. Falkor had lived a hard life outside. He was covered in scars, matted, had some wounds on his body, a severe ear infection, dental disease, and tested positive for FIV. Having a very soft spot for former tomcats, Falkor went to foster with the Executive Director of Ten Lives. After his arrival she knew this handsome boy had potential, he just needed some TLC and support. Falkor is thriving in his foster home. He now seeks out pets, purrs like crazy, and makes happy biscuits. Because of your continued support Falkor will soon have dental surgery to deal with his extensive dental issues. 



Goldie joined Ten Lives after being rescued by animal control from a hoarding situation. Shelter employees saw potential in this girl and knew she could thrive in our Forgotten Feline program. Goldie arrived to her foster home completely shut down. Thanks to her dedicated foster family, Goldie has gone from hiding under her bed to exploring her foster room and playing with her favorite catnip fish. Goldie still has some work to do to build confidence, but we see potential in this beautiful girl and know with support and time she will reveal her true self! 



Harriet arrived to Ten Lives shortly after giving birth to two kittens. Prior to joining her foster home, Harriet was living in an overcrowded house where none of the animals were spayed or neutered. Harriet had a challenging time adjusting to her foster home, but with support from her foster family she has made huge strides. She is still timid and unsure, but seeks out affection from those who give her time to warm up. Harriet continues to work on her confidence and we see a lot of potential! 



Lucille is a beautiful and petite teenager who was living outside before joining Ten Lives. She arrived in terrible condition which makes us believe that perhaps she had been living outside her entire life. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan was able to humanely capture her and she is now enjoying the comforts of a foster home. Lucille is starting to trust her foster Mom and will now lick treats off of her fingers. She still has work to do to build catfidence, but she has shown socialization potential and continues to blossom each day. 



Michelle was living outside before joining Ten Lives. Her caretaker saw potential in this stunning girl and reached out to Ten Lives for help. Shortly after joining a foster home Michelle was diagnosed with asthma which made us even more grateful that Michelle finally got the help she needed. Michelle is still working on socialization, but has definitely become accustomed to the finer things of indoor life like toys, comfy beds, and tasty treats! We know with the support of her amazing foster Mom she will continue to blossom! 



Neil joined Ten Lives after we received an urgent plea to help an injured cat. A Good Samaritan had exhausted every avenue for help, but thankfully, a friend recommended Ten Lives. Volunteers sprung into action and within 24-hours Neil was humanely trapped. Once Neil was in our care we saw the real extent of his injuries and discovered that he was FELV+. We knew Neil was worth saving and volunteers got to work healing his body and soul. Over the last several weeks Neil has shown us that he holds no ill will towards humans and wants nothing more than to be loved. Neil still has some healing to do and is in desperate need of a dental due to gingivostomatitis. With your help Neil can get the care he needs and deserves!



Vanya recently joined Ten Lives after being rescued by animal control from a hoarding situation. Shelter employees saw potential in this girl and knew she could thrive in our Forgotten Feline program. Vanya is working on her confidence and learning to trust humans, but we know with the help of her foster family she’s going to blossom into the cat she was always meant to be. 

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