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Ace is 11 months old and arrived to Ten Lives as a terrified older kitten. He has made a lot of progress since joining his foster home, but still has work to do in learning to trust humans. He loves hanging out with his 3 feline foster siblings, climbing his cat condo, and bird watching from his favorite window. He follows his foster mom around the house- supervising her chores, sleeps in her bed at night, and leaves toy mice on her pillow as a present. 



Adora arrived to her foster home with her friend, Corazon. It has taken a little longer to gain confidence and start to trust humans, but recently she has started opening up. Adora loves to follow her foster mom around and is becoming more receptive to being pet every day. She loves playing with her foster sibling, exploring all over the house, making anything she finds into a toy and bird watching. 



Bella joined Ten Lives after her owner passed away and she found herself without a place to go. Sadly, she was abandoned in the apartment of her owner and was living on her own for a few months. Understandably, Bella was shut down when she arrived to her foster home. Thankfully, Bella’s foster mom has lots of great socialization tricks up her sleeve and over the last few weeks Bella has blossoming into a her true self! She still has some work to do in learning to trust humans, but it’s all downhill from here. 



When Charlie arrived to Ten Lives it was obvious that he had spent a lot of time living outside and trying to survive. After healing his physical wounds, his foster parents got to work healing his emotional wounds. Charlie has adjusted to living indoors and now enjoys bird watching from his favorite window, comfy beds, and treats. He continues to work on learning to trust humans. 



Corazón arrived to Ten Lives very scared and frightened. During the time she has been with her foster family Corazón has really blossomed. She loves belly rubs and cuddling with her foster mom. She also loves running around with her foster sibling, playing with toys and sitting in the window watching the bunnies and squirrels. She continues to work on her confidence with the help of her foster family!



Prior to joining Ten Lives, Doug was just another tomcat living outside. He lived a tough life on the streets and arrived to our foster program needing a lot of veterinary care. After working through his medical needs, Doug was introduced to another foster cat in the house,  Ambrosia, and her 5 kittens. Since then, Doug has made incredible strides in his socialization and is showing us his kitten side! 



Prior to joining Ten Lives, Ida had lived outside and gave birth to multiple litters of kittens. Thankfully, a good samaritan finally came to her aid and reached out to us for help. After arriving to her foster home, Ida gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. We promised her that would be her last litter! Ida has been a great mother and continues to make progress learning to trust humans. We hope that once her kittens go home, Ida can relax and make even more progress. 



Prior to joining Ten Lives, Teddy was living in a home with many cats and little to no veterinary care. When he arrived to his foster home he was understandably shut down and did not trust humans. Thankfully, Teddy’s foster mom was able to give him the support he needed to feel safe and start to blossom into his true self. Now, he enjoys bird watching from his favorite window, getting brushed, and petted. He still has some work to do building his confidence, but he’s well on his way! 

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