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When Charlie arrived to Ten Lives it was obvious that he had spent a lot of time living outside and trying to survive. Over time, Charlie has learned about the joys of indoor life. His favorite things include treats, bird watching, comfy beds, and feline friends. He’s gained a lot of confidence since joining his foster home and we are so proud of his progress! You can find this handsome listed for adoption on our website. 



Karuna joined Ten Lives after her humans could no longer care for her. When she arrived to her foster home it was obvious that she had very little socialization and it would require time and patience to help her blossom. Thanks to her amazing foster family, Karuna has made a lot of progress in her journey. She loves hanging out with her foster dad and sits by his feet while he works from home. She is still unsure about life, but we think with continued support and positive reinforcement she will blossom. 



Prior to joining Ten Lives, Leonardo was just another tomcat living on the streets in RI. He was humanely trapped by our Community Cats team to receive neuter and vaccination services when volunteers realized he was not feral, but just scared and under-socialized. Since joining his foster home, Leonardo has blossomed into a curious and fun feline who loves wand toys and catnip. His foster family tells us that he gets the zoomies every morning and they love hearing him zip up and down the hallway. He’s also a great work from home supervisor! 



Maggie joined Ten Lives after her caretaker reached out for help. She was living outside, but not thriving and in need of vet services. Ten Lives was able to humanely trap Maggie, get her spayed & vaccinated, and move her into a foster home. Maggie is a petite gal with a glorious fluffy tail, beautiful yellow eyes, and whiskers for miles. She is nervous about indoor life, but has quickly learned that she loves regular meals, toys, and her feline foster siblings. Maggie is getting more confident by the day and will hopefully be ready for adoption soon! 



Roxanne joined Ten Lives after her caregiver noticed that she was dealing with a terrible upper respiratory infection and reached out for help. We soon discovered that this gal was not feral, but rather under-socialized and a good candidate for our Forgotten Feline program. Roxanne has quickly acclimated to living indoors and loves crunchy treats, catnip toys, and sunny windows. Recently, she discovered that she even likes her foster mom’s lap! 

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