Ten Lives Cat Rescue

Policy Updates During COVID-19

Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we have needed to update some of our policies so that we can continue to rescue cats and adopt them to loving families. 

Medical Protocol- Kitten Born in Rescue

  • Kittens will now remain in our program until they are 12 weeks old and cannot be sent home without being spayed or neutered. 
  • Please email Jen to schedule a spay/neuter appointments after the kittens have been born. They should be spayed/neutered at 12-weeks old. 
  • Microchips should be placed during a regular vet visit since PLSNC is not placing rescue chips at this time.
  • Kittens should be listed for adoption after they have have received initial vetting services.  


In-person meet & greets may be done if both parties are comfortable and able to able to abide by the following guidelines.

  • Both parties must wear masks and maintain 6 feet of distance. Please don’t shake hands and follow CDC guidelines on sanitation. 
  • If anyone is filling ill or has been around someone who is feeling ill then the M&G should be canceled and rescheduled after 2 week quarantine period. 
  • Fosters should continue to provide photos, videos, and detailed information to applicants prior to the meet and greet. 
  • Adoption agreements and fees will continue to be completed online. 
  • Pick up or drop off of the cat/kitten should be done using the same safety precautions used for the meet & greet. 

No one is obligated to do in-person meet & greets. If you prefer to do a virtual M&G we fully support your decision. 

Veterinary Care

  • Vitality has started scheduling wellness visits for all cats; however, they have extended wait times for appointments, so please plan ahead and call early to secure your spot! They continue to do curbside drop off for appointments and you should plan to wait in your car while services are rendered. 
  • PLSNC is now scheduling spay and neuter surgeries; however, they have extended wait times for appointments, so please plan ahead and email Jen early to secure your spot! If you are fostering kittens that are born in rescue please contact Jen when the kittens are born so they can stay on track. 
  • Microchips can only be placed at our regular vets (Vitality, etc) and through Salmon River. PLSNC is not placing rescue chips at this time. 
  • All appointments must be approved ahead of time. Please don’t forget to email Melissa! 
  • Questions about our veterinary protocols? Email Rachel for guidance.
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