$5k Matching Fundraiser

Junior - 12 years old

Currently, Ten Lives is caring for 16 cats with complex medical needs. From diabetes to seizures and everything in between, our volunteers and veterinary partners have had a busy summer caring for foster cats with high medical needs. 

Cats with complex medical needs are a big financial undertaking for any rescue, but especially for a rescue with multiple sick or injured cats at one time. 

A generous donor recognized the challenges we have faced this summer and has provided a $5,000 matching donation. Every dollar donated through August 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Your support during this matching period will have twice the impact and help us care for the medically complex cats in our foster program. 

About Junior

12-year-old Junior was surrendered to Ten Lives when his guardian could no longer care for him. Unfortunately, he had lived his entire life without veterinary care and was in need of immediate attention. Shortly after Junior arrived, he was neutered, vaccinated, and received a dental. During the vetting process, we discovered that Junior had a terrible ear infection and hematoma that would ultimately require surgery. We also discovered that Junior was dealing with glaucoma in both eyes and an ulcer on his left eye. 

Junior’s care is estimated to cost more than $5,000. Some might think this is a lot to spend on a senior cat, but we believe that Junior deserves to live his golden years pain-free and with dignity. If you agree, please donate to his care during our matching fundraiser. 

Who Will Your Donations Help?

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