Adoption Fees

Every cat and kitten brought into Ten Lives Cat Rescue receives full vetting at a partner veterinarian practice.  All Ten Lives’ cats are spayed/neutered, receive age appropriate vaccinations (such as distemper and rabies), have been tested for FIV/FeLV, receive flea treatments, and are dewormed and microchipped.  Upon recommendation of a veterinary professional, we also provide medical services above and beyond routine care. 

The adoption fees help cover all these services, as well as the costs of caring for each cat before they find their forever homes!

Ten Lives Cat Rescue Adoption Fees

Senior Cats (10+ years)


Adult Cats (1-9 years)


Teenage Kittens (6-11 months)


Kittens (8 weeks - 5 months)


CATalyst Adults (1-9 years)


CATalyst Teen Kittens (6-11 months)


CATalyst Kittens (8 weeks - 5 months)


*CATalyst cats: At Ten Lives, we believe in saving the most at-risk cats of our community. Many times, these cats require extraordinary medical care and extensive stays in their foster homes before they are ready for adoption. But we don’t think time or money should ever get in the way of a cat receiving the care they deserve! To help us care for these cats, we have increased fees for other cats who are in high demand–such cats aid us in catalyzing change within our community. When you adopt a CATalyst cat, you aren’t just providing a forever home for them; you’re helping many other cats at Ten Lives, like our Forgotten Felines!

Thank you for allowing us to continue our life-saving work!

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