Cat Surrender

We understand that situations arise that may cause cat guardians to feel like surrendering is the only option. Our goal is for cats to remain with their families when possible. Below are resources that may help you keep your cat instead of surrendering them. You can search for additional resources on Red Rover


If your cat is experiencing behavior issues, it is important to talk to your veterinarian about potential medical causes. If you have ruled out medical reasons for your cat’s behavior, a certified behaviorist may be able to help you work towards a resolution. Ten Lives Cat Rescue utilizes a Least Intrusive, Minimally Invasive approach (LIMA) for behavior modification. If you would like to work with a local behaviorist, we highly recommend Jones Animal Behavior

Spay & Neuter

Preventative Care

Surrendering to Ten Lives Cat Rescue

Ten Lives Cat Rescue is foster-based organization that is 100% volunteer-powered and community supported. We do not have a facility or shelter and all of the cats in our program reside in foster homes until adoption. Our ability to help relies on the availability of foster homes and funding. All surrender requests are reviewed when received and responded to via email or text. Due to a high influx of requests, you may be referred to another organization and/or added to our waitlist.

If we are able to accept your cat into our program, we kindly ask that you make a donation towards their care. Ten Lives makes an investment in every cat that enters our organization. Each cat is examined by a licensed veterinarian, receives age-appropriate vaccinations, treated for fleas and parasites, and spayed or neutered. When needed, medical conditions are addressed. The suggested donation is $50. 

Surrendering Your Cat

If you have exhausted alternative resources and need to surrender your cat to Ten Lives Cat Rescue, please complete our surrender request form below. Please note, we are only able to accept cats located within Rhode Island. If you need help with a cat located in Massachusetts, please contact one of the rescues/shelters on this list

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