Forgotten Feline Program

In Rhode Island and across the country, scared and under socialized cats roam the streets or find themselves a euthanasia risk in shelters because they are considered “unadoptable.” This population of cats come from various situations: Some are born outside and received a small amount of human interaction, others have spent their entire lives living with elderly owners and receiving minimal socialization, and many of these cats have been abandoned by former owners—left to fend for themselves, spending significant time struggling on the streets.

These cats are not feral.  They are terrified, defensive, and confused.  At Ten Lives, we believe they’re worth saving.

Ten Lives is committed to rescuing these forgotten felines and with the help of our dedicated foster families we are able to give them the support they need to blossom. With the use of socialization sessions, positive reinforcement, and consistency we are able to witness remarkable breakthroughs- big and small.

No Longer Forgotten: How We Save Lives

  • “Fostering Saves Lives” is more than a tagline. Our trained fosters are essential to rescuing these forgotten felines. The ability to have under socialized and timid cats in homes verses cages has a huge impact on their progress. Time and time again we’ve seen cats that were terrified, hissy, and swatty in shelters quickly transform into playful and friendly felines in a home setting!
  • Playtime creates bonds. Human touch can be scary and overwhelming for these timid cats. They may want to hide, but often the flick of a wand toy is enough to peak their interest. Playtime becomes a great hands-off alternative to interacting too soon through touch, and helps build a positive relationship between human and feline.
  • Positive Reinforcement. Just like dogs, cats respond well to positive reinforcement! During and after socialization sessions and playtime, high value treats (tuna, Tiki Stix Wet Treats, baby food) are given to associate human interaction with a positive reward.
  • Provide a role model. Confident, friendly felines make the perfect role models for under socialized cats. By watching the behaviors of confident cats and their interactions with humans, timid cats learn and in turn gain the confidence they need to have breakthroughs with socialization.
  • Time and patience. Some cats who come through our Forgotten Feline Program reach socialization milestones quickly and soon go on to their forever homes. However, many of the cats that enter the program require dedication and patience; these become “long term” fosters. Regardless, every cat is treated individually and given the tools they need to blossom into their true selves.