Our foster-to-adopt program is designed to help harder-to-place cats find loving adoptive homes. It allows potential adopters to interact and bond with a cat in their home prior to making a lifelong commitment. We recognize that not all cats adjust quickly to a new home and some require more time to shine. Foster-to-adopt is a great way for a potential adopter to see a cat’s true personality and determine whether adoption is the best choice for the cat and family.

How Does it Work?

Ten Lives identifies specific cats in our foster program who are good candidates for the foster-to-adopt program. These cats will be matched to applicants based on their specific needs and the needs of the potential adopter. Our goal is to make a lifelong match! Cats who are eligible for foster-to-adopt will be labeled as such in their adoption bio. At this time, kittens are not eligible for our foster-to-adopt program. 

Foster-to-Adopt applicants are approved through our normal adoption process and based on the specific needs of the cat. Once approved, you will bring home your new friend and have 30 days to determine whether they are a perfect fit for you and your family. At the end of the 30 days, you can make the adoption official by signing an adoption agreement and paying the adoption fee or you can return the cat to the care of Ten Lives. During the 30-day foster-to-adopt period, you will be responsible for providing food and litter; however, Ten Lives will provide outstanding vet care at a partner rescue veterinarian.

Please note: Ten Lives will not cover care provided by a non-partner veterinarian. Please take this into consideration when submitting a foster-to-adopt application.

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