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The Lazzy Fund

At Ten Lives, we’re dedicated to giving a second chance to those who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical medical care. Many of the cats in our program lived difficult lives outside, leading to medical issues above and beyond routine veterinary care. We believe funds should not be the limiting factor when making decisions about urgent, life-saving care.

In response to this need, Ten Lives has created The Lazzy Fund.


Lazarus, or Lazzy as his foster parents call him, was rescued off the streets of Woonsocket. We learned that Lazzy had lived outside for as long as members of the local community could remember, and had been suffering from severe injuries for many months–including through the winter.  But thanks to dedicated volunteers, Lazarus finally found safety and received the urgent medical care he needed.

Unfortunately, after spending so long trying to survive outside, he was suffering from multiple wounds, broken teeth, cystitis (an inflamed bladder), hematuria (blood in urine), and a large polyp in his ear. Following critical care for his obvious wounds, Lazarus developed a severe urinary tract infection and sudden onset diabetes that required hospitalization.

Thankfully, because of generous donors like you, Lazzy was able to receive life-saving, 24/7 care and has since made an incredible recovery!

Your generous gifts allow Ten Lives to give second chances to an often-forgotten population of cats. No donation amount is ever too small and the entirety of your gift helps save lives!  

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