Volunteer Spotlight: Johanna

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Did you know that Ten Lives Cat Rescue is run entirely by volunteers? We currently have over 90 volunteers in various roles helping us achieve our mission—to save homeless, abused, and abandoned cats by providing veterinary care, rehabilitation services, and then placing them into loving adoptive homes.

Johanna has been volunteering with us since September 2018, and she wears many hats! Not only is she a crucial part of our foster team, but she is also our Foster Intake Coordinator, our Pregnant Cat Mentor, and one of our Supply Coordinators. Johanna’s resident cats are two sisters named Pecan and Cranberry, who were adopted just over a year ago from a litter of foster kittens that were born in the rescue. Johanna and her family love them dearly, and thankfully, they are very accommodating to all the foster cats that they take in.

1. How did you originally hear about us, and what made you decide to become a volunteer?

Before joining Ten Lives, our family had already been fostering cats and kittens for about two years with another local shelter. We really enjoyed having fosters in our house and found it very rewarding to know we were helping save a life. However, the organization that we were with at that time didn’t give you a lot of flexibility when you needed to bring your fosters in for vet appointments. With two young kids aged 3 and 5, it was difficult to accommodate that lack of flexibility. I remembered seeing social media posts for Ten Lives, and so I decided to apply to foster with them and see if their vetting system worked better for us (it did!). 

2. What is your favorite story or memory while volunteering with us?

Gosh, do I have to pick just one?! I primarily take in pregnant cats so there are a lot of exciting birth stories. I think what stands out about most of the pregnant cats I have fostered is their palpable sense of relief to be in a safe space to have their babies. Once they settle in and figure out that they are in a loving home, you can actually see them let go of the stress of being outdoors and struggling to find a safe place to give birth. To see an initially stressed pregnant cat find her nesting box, go in, and start purring, padding, and then settle in for a good nap is so rewarding. Having a pregnant cat trust you enough to come curl up in your lap and let you put your hand on her belly to feel all the baby kicks is also a magical feeling.

3. What have you learned during your time as a volunteer?

So much! I have a background in physical therapy and have always had an interest in science and medicine. Most of our fosters come directly from outside, so they often have medical issues that need to be addressed. This has given me so many opportunities to learn about feline anatomy, physiology, pathology, and treatment. I love asking vets questions during appointments because I really want to deepen my understanding of not just what needs to be done for illnesses and injuries, but the why behind it. All this learning has led me to a place where I finally feel confident that I can handle just about any cat issue that comes into my foster room.

On the human side, I have learned that there are AMAZING people in this rescue. I have seen time and time again that Ten Lives volunteers are fully invested in ensuring every cat has the best life possible. From the trapping team being out working in the dark on cold, rainy nights, to the bottle feeders stepping up on a moment’s notice to take in newborn kittens, and all the administrative volunteers that keep Ten Lives running smoothly, I am continually blown away by what an awesome army of volunteers we have.

4. What do you wish other people knew about us?

I wish people knew that Ten Lives always needs more help. There is a lot of work that goes into keeping a rescue of this size organized and funded. We want to do even bigger things for RI cats, but that takes (wo)manpower. In addition to fosters, we need administrative help with screening applications and record keeping, we need help with fundraising and grants, and we need help with transporting cats to appointments. If people have some extra time, I encourage them to apply to volunteer in whatever capacity they have.

5. What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?

I have two kiddos (now ages 8 and 10), so they keep me pretty busy. I volunteer quite a bit at their school as well by assisting teachers in the classroom, and I am also on the leadership team of the school’s parent-teacher group. When I do have some down time, I am an avid reader and also love gardening (flowers, not food).

6. How do you think Ten Lives Cat Rescue will change over the next five years?

Having our own vet clinic and possible adoption center would be amazing.

7. Why should others consider volunteering with us?

Ten Lives is extremely reputable and absolutely goes above and beyond in helping every cat possible. We are very well structured and organized, and have a volunteer website that helps you through every aspect of fostering. We also have a network of foster mentors in place so nobody should ever feel like they are not supported while fostering.

8. What have you gained while volunteering with us?

A deeper sense of gratitude to everyone involved in animal welfare organizations. It’s humbling to see how much blood, sweat, and tears go into keeping a rescue going. Big shoutout to our founder and Executive Director, Melissa, for dreaming big and going for it!

9. How much of an impact do you feel your volunteer work has had with Ten Lives Cat Rescue?

It’s hard to pat myself on the back too much. I feel like I have gotten so much more in return for the time and energy I’ve put into volunteering!

Are you interested in volunteering with Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Read about our open volunteer roles and fill out a Volunteer Application, become a foster, sponsor a Forgotten Feline, and purchase needed supplies through our Wishlist!

April 2022 Adoptions

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19 cats and kittens went to their forever homes in April! The month’s group ranged from approximately 14 weeks to seven years old – several of these cats and kittens arrived to our rescue due to unfortunate circumstances that were no fault of their own, while others were humanely trapped as strays thanks to our community cats efforts. Additionally, three bonded pairs went to their forever homes this month.

Our rescue relies heavily on donations from our amazing supporters to help us give the cats in our care the best possible chance at long, healthy lives where they are cherished by their forever families. In response to the cats in our program’s needs, we have created our Forgotten Feline program to help scared and under-socialized cats regain trust and confidence. We have also created The Lazzy Fund, which gives a second chance to those cats who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical and lifesaving medical care. The Forgotten Feline program and The Lazzy Fund help many of our cats during their time in our rescue.

Lily’s story had a happy ending this month. At only two and a half years old, Lily entered our rescue under-socialized and scared. Lily’s foster dad, Kevin, began fostering her in April 2021, and he did an incredible job socializing her and helping her understand that the world wasn’t as scary as she thought! When asked about his experience with Lily, Kevin said, “My home office doubled as a foster room, and for the first month, Lily was clearly scared, and spent most of her day inside her carrier, which was inside of a crate. One evening, I caught her on the cat tower staring out the window, and I audibly gasped. It was just so exhilarating to see! After that, it was just a matter of patience and encouragement, always with her favorite squeeze-up treats as motivation. She started exploring the rest of my apartment later that fall, complete with naps on the living room ottoman. She was still relatively nervous and would run away if I got too close, but over time, she tested the waters.

Fast forward to my last weeks of fostering Lily, and you would not believe the transformation. She played with catnip mice! She begged for pets with sweet little meows! She rolled around and showed her belly! All of this was completely unthinkable when she first arrived a year ago, and to finally see her do “normal” cat things was really rewarding. I highly recommend fostering to people who work from home. Lily responded so well to the constant passive interaction (i.e., me typing away at my computer while she watched or slept), and giving her treats/pets was a nice way to break up the work day.”

This month, Lily found her forever home! We recently received an update from her adopter, who told us Lily is doing incredibly well! “I can’t believe it has already been one week since she arrived home. She has accomplished so much in so little time, which I wasn’t expecting at all. She has made my office her home, and now feels very comfortable there. She lets me scratch, pet, and brush her a few times each day. She’s an accomplished biscuit-maker and purring/drooling machine when she gets her daily scratches. Her appetite is also really good. In the past two days, I’ve opened the office door to the living room for supervised exploration in the evenings while I’m sitting on the couch.” We are truly grateful to Kevin for his patience as Lily’s foster dad, and for Lily’s adopter for giving her time to blossom in her forever home.

Nadia was a friendly stray who was being cared for and fed by one of our volunteer’s mothers starting in 2019. She had already been Trap-Neuter-Returned (TNR’ed) during this time; however, she was re-trapped in January 2022 because she appeared to be injured and wasn’t eating. Within days of her feeder notifying us, Nadia was humanely trapped, and the daughter of her feeder, Sherry, became her foster mom. Over the course of several months, Sherry nursed Nadia back to health. Nadia loves other cats. so once she was fully vaccinated, she fit right in with Sherry’s resident pets. Little by little, Nadia gained her cat-fidence, and Sherry tells us that she is truly a sweetheart. Sherry realized she couldn’t say goodbye to Nadia and adopted her this past month! Today, Nadia is thriving in her forever home, and spends her days with Lacey, a Ten Lives alum, and the rest of Sherry’s pack.

Nebraska was humanely trapped in April 2021 as part of what our volunteers called “Feral Fiesta” – as part of our Community Cats effort, we worked in conjunction with Providence Animal Control to offer TNR services to many cats in our community. Nebraska was returned to his colony with his amazing feeder, who has helped us save 19 cats! Over time, Nebraska became social and friendly, and with his feeder’s help, he was able to be re-trapped in March 2022 to join our rescue, receive additional vetting, and to find his forever home. Nebraska spent a month in his foster home enjoying the comforts of indoor life, and was adopted at the end of this past month!

Congratulations to Bodell, Cindy, Gizmo, Huey, Lily, Lizzo, Lois, Maxie, Missy, Nadia, Nebraska, Oreos, Peter, Pixel, Poppy, Pretzel, Pumpkin Spice, Twiggy, and Von for finding their forever homes!

Are you interested in adopting a cat from Ten Lives Cat Rescue? Take a look at our adoptable cats!

How can you help the cats currently in Ten Lives’ care? Sponsor a Forgotten Feline, become a foster, apply for one of our volunteer opportunities, donate to The Lazzy Fund, or purchase a needed item on our Wishlist.

National Volunteer Month

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Did you know that Ten Lives Cat Rescue is 100% volunteer powered? Since the rescue was founded in 2018, we have grown to include over 100 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy towards helping the cats and kittens in our community! Our volunteer team consists of fosters, adoption coordinators, transportation assistance (known as “cat cabs” to us!), fundraising and events, supply coordinators, and much more. Our team is passionate about saving cats, and we are so thankful they have chosen our rescue to help.


Nancy is one of our Adoption Coordinators, who are responsible for reviewing adoption applications and working with fosters to match cats and their potential adopters. Nancy chose to volunteer with us because she loves cats, and she hopes that every homeless cat can find their forever loving home!

Linda has been volunteering for our rescue since June 2019. She is a foster, one of our Medical Records Coordinators, and a Supply Coordinator, and she helps at events and fundraising. She joined Ten Lives when she was looking for a new rescue to foster with. She chose Ten Lives because of the care and support we give to the cats/kittens and volunteers. Linda has fostered a newborn kitten who had to be bottle fed, a pregnant cat who had five kittens, a kitten with medical issues, several kittens, and many adult cats. She has had a lot of great experiences volunteering with us!

Ali is fortunate to have been a part of the Ten Lives team since 2018, when she began fostering her first cat, a one-eyed domestic long hair, Lily. Ali had her first “foster fail” after less than two weeks when she realize she could never say goodbye to Lily! Ali is so grateful to Ten Lives for helping bring Lily into her life. Inspired by our mission, she began volunteering as our Post-Adoption Coordinator. “Since starting with Ten Lives, it has been mind-blowing to see all the rescue has accomplished, and it’s amazing to be part of such an incredible team of people.” Ali still fosters cats, and she especially loves working with seniors and under-socialized cats. Last summer, she foster failed one more time and adopted Fernando, a kitten she cared for while he had ringworm.

Jillian became an Adoption Coordinator in September of 2020 after she and her boyfriend adopted their cat, Mochi! “He was rescued from a really unfortunate living situation that left him reactive and terrified. Mochi spent just under a year in the most incredible foster home.” His foster mom is a huge inspiration to Jillian because she stepped up to the plate for an animal that most people would have shied away from. In that time, she worked tirelessly to help him learn to trust humans and enjoy life again.

Jillian felt so much gratitude to Ten Lives Cat Rescue for giving Mochi a second chance that she filled out an application and has been volunteering with us ever since! It makes her so happy to help other cats find their forever homes. Jillian adopted her second cat, Moose, through our rescue and again had an amazing experience. This organization will always hold a place in her heart, and she’s honored to be a part of it.

Amy has been fostering with us for three years now, and it has been such a great experience for her whole family! Amy lost a very special cat named Lucky who could never be replaced, and at first, she was hesitant to even adopt again. However, she knew the best way to honor him would be to help save as many cats as possible. In her search for a new cat for her family, she came across Ten Lives and was impressed with their whole process. “It was so thorough, and they really give every single cat a fighting chance.” Amy didn’t really realize what foster-based rescues did, and she quickly learned that it only takes a spare room and a little love to help in such a big way. Amy is so proud to be a part of and grow with Ten Lives. She could not ask for a better experience for her young kids, either! “They have learned so much about patience and how to respect and care for animals through fostering.”

Aznif is more of a perinatal foster. She loves providing pregnant mommas a safe, warm, and worry-free environment to deliver their babies without any worries of searching and finding food for their newborns. Aznif loves watching momma cats care for their little ones through nursing, grooming, and cuddling with them. She also loves watching the kittens grow and reach all of their milestones as they transfer into friendly, loving kittens. Because of the nature of her job, fostering this group of felines suits Aznif best. Currently she is fostering two momma cats and 14 kittens! Aznif says she cannot wait to come home to them every day from work, and that it is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. “I have worked with many rescues/shelters the past five years, but Ten Lives suits me the best because everyone involved does a wonderful job. Everyone gives the best of their best, and their leadership is always listening to the volunteers, their concerns (if any), and are always there to help to make everybody’s role easier. They listen and they care what we think, what we have to say, and they collaborate, communicate, and take action right away.”

Lauren volunteers with Ten Lives in numerous capacities: she is an Adoption Coordinator, a foster, she assists with fundraising and events and PetSmart cat care, and she is a cat cab driver. Lauren discovered our rescue through our cats at PetSmart, and since then, she has tried to help in any way she can. “You don’t have to look farther than my foster cat Jo to see why I volunteer with Ten Lives Cat Rescue.” Six-year-old Jo was trapped February of 2021, and has been in vet care ever since preparing for adoption. When Jo was trapped, he had lacerations to his leg, severe dental disease, chronic kidney damage, FIV, and infections. After the removal of his teeth due to his dental disease, his mouth still can’t heal completely, and he will be on medication for life. None of this had to happen, but we are thankful Jo is safe with Lauren.

Lauren is passionate about the management of feral cat colonies, and about finding the best forever homes for these cats that have been through so much unnecessary pain. She is proud to be part of a rescue that really gives these cats a tenth life. “I’ve watched a lady cry, begging us to take her cat with a degenerative neurological disease; she had tried everywhere but couldn’t find a no-kill shelter or rescue willing to take on this cat until finally she found us. Besides the amazing things the rescue does for cats, you won’t find a better group of people anywhere!”

Alissa joined Ten Lives after adopting her cats, Charlie and Ghost, in late 2018. She was impressed with how responsive our rescue was to her questions and messages, and became inspired to volunteer after going through the adoption process. She couldn’t imagine her life without Charlie and Ghost and will always be thankful to our rescue for saving her boys from an uncertain fate. Alissa is our Adoption Contracts Coordinator, assists and leads our fundraising and events team, and recently joined our Board of Directors.

Matt and Becky volunteer and foster for the underdog, the abandoned or neglected, and those who wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise. Little ones like Piccolina and Squiggy, who wouldn’t have had a fighting chance without someone stepping in. It’s also why they founded Rhode Island Kitten Kits, so that they could help on a larger scale, and support organizations like Ten Lives and all of the other amazing volunteers who give so selflessly of their time and resources. “Every little life matters… every little life counts… and they all deserve to know love. This is why we help.”

Hannah has been volunteering with Ten Lives Cat Rescue since March 2021. Hannah helps at PetSmart every Tuesday morning to check on the cats, and she volunteers at our adoption events on the weekends. As a volunteer at PetSmart, Hannah changes all the litter trays, makes sure the cats have clean water and fresh food, and when needed, ensures the cats have their special food or medicine. Most importantly, she spends time socializing and playing with each and every cat at the cat room to make sure they feel important and loved. When we have visitors to the cat room at Petsmart, Hannah has been able to educate them on the purpose of the rescue and what Ten Lives does to save the cats and kittens. Hannah also informs visitors of the process of fostering and the adoption process, which she says has been rewarding! “It makes me so happy to see cats that are often overlooked or neglected getting a second chance at life and a loving forever home. Being a volunteer, especially coming off two years of the pandemic, has given me back my self-confidence both in dealing with the cats and the people I have met at PetSmart. I also have made many friends in the rescue along the way!”

Hannah volunteers with Ten Lives because it gives her purpose and allows her to utilize different skills. She loves animals, especially cats, and she feels that spending time helping them find homes is so rewarding. “Being a volunteer has brightened up my life and I am so thankful every day for all the awesome people in the rescue!”

Kelsey volunteers with Ten Lives as an Adoption Coordinator as well as a PetSmart volunteer. Volunteering with Ten Lives was one of the best decisions she made after adopting her two Ten Lives cats (Zuzu and Winnie) and wanting to help other people with the same adoption process. Kelsey has so much fun helping the amazing cats find homes, and it’s always the best part of her week when she gets to go to PetSmart to visit some of the rescue cats who are up for adoption. One of Kelsey’s favorite things about volunteering is receiving emails and pictures from adopters who are thrilled to share updates about how their new fur family member is thriving at their forever home! Each of the Ten Lives volunteers gives so much time, energy, and love to these cats to help them find loving homes and she’s grateful to be a part of this awesome rescue!

If you are passionate about saving cats and the well-being of the cats in our community, join us! Apply to be a foster, fill out a volunteer application, learn about meow ways to help, and attend one of our events. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Lazzy Fund

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As a supporter of our rescue, you have most likely heard of and have contributed towards The Lazzy Fund. Established in honor of a cat named Lazarus who joined our program in April 2019, Lazarus (or Lazzy, as his foster parents called him) was a cat who belonged to no one, yet was loved by all and inspired everyone in our community. His complicated medical story and remarkable recovery inspired us to start The Lazzy Fund to help cats just like him.

We’re dedicated to giving a second chance to cats like Lazzy who have been neglected and forgotten, including cats in need of critical medical care. Many of the cats in our program have lived difficult lives outside, leading to medical issues above and beyond routine veterinary care. We believe funds should not be the limiting factor when making decisions about urgent, life-saving care.

We currently have 14 cats in our care who are benefiting from The Lazzy Fund:

Ingrid, a sweet senior cat, spent the last two years living under a deck before she joined our rescue. Since she arrived to her foster mom’s house in November, she has had two dental surgeries, has been dealing with ear infections, and has needed significant follow-up care. Ingrid is also FIV positive as a result of living outside for so long. Ingrid recently became available for adoption and is hoping for a loving home to enjoy her golden years.

Daisy has a grade III heart murmur and is scheduled for a consultation with a cardiologist at Ocean State Veterinary Services. Depending on the results of this exam, Daisy may need to take medications, but this will be determined during her visit. Daisy and her best friend, Gus, are available for adoption prior to Daisy’s appointment. The expense of the first exam will be inclusive of the adoption fee thanks to The Lazzy Fund.

Itty Bitty joined our rescue in November and was suffering from chronic upper respiratory infections. Thanks to the Lazzy Fund, Itty Bitty was able to receive care from an internal medicine specialist and had a rhinoscopy completed to rule out polpys and other causes of his chronic URIs. Despite Itty Bitty’s medical issues, he remains a friendly, outgoing, and playful cat!

George recently joined our rescue, and like Itty Bitty, was suffering from chronic upper respiratory infections. George is scheduled to receive care from an internal medicine specialist and will likely need a rhinoscopy to determine the cause of his chronic URIs. As George receives medical care and we learn more about his personality, we will share updates with you!

Jo is part of our Forgotten Feline program, and prior to joining our rescue, lived his entire life on the streets. Over the course of his time at our rescue, he has received care from an internal medicine specialist as well as multiple dental exams to treat his severe stomatitis. Recently, Jo was diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and is now on a urinary friendly prescription diet. Jo is also FIV positive due to his life outdoors. Despite Jo’s medical issues, he is an inquisitive cat who loves to be pet, and sleeps at his foster mom’s feet every night. You can learn more about Jo by following his Instagram!

Lily Pad is a beautiful tortie who is brand new to our rescue. She has been diagnosed with luxating patella, a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. Due to this condition, Lily Pad will likely need surgery in the near future to correct it.

Lucky joined our rescue after her owner went into assisted living. Lucky is a mellow senior with ongoing health issues. Some of Lucky’s health concerns include high blood pressure, a grade II heart murmur, and stage 3/4 kidney disease. Lucky is currently scheduled for an internal medicine consultation to manage her blood pressure. Due to her kidney disease, Lucky is on a kidney friendly prescription diet and receives fluids on a regular basis.

Peanut joined Ten Lives in March after his owner could no longer provide care. After arriving, we discovered that Peanut is FIV, FeLV, and heartworm positive. He is also suffering from severe stomatitis and ulceration on his paw pads. Despite this, Peanut is friendly, affectionate, and happy. With the help of our partner vet and the Lazzy Fund, Peanut will receive the care he needs to live the best life possible.

Mowgli is a 5-month-old kitten who recently joined our rescue after being attacked by a dog and needed urgent medical care. He was suffering from significant injuries on both of his rear legs and needed extensive surgery to repair his mobility. He will also require significant rehabilitative care while in his foster home. Pumpkin captured the hearts of the vet staff caring for him, and is now thriving in his foster home!

Trent joined Ten Lives after living outside for quite some time. When he arrived to his foster home, he was feeling under the weather and had an unresolved elevated temperature. With the help of our vet and an internal medicine specialist, Trent was diagnosed with mycoplasma and toxoplasmosis. After ongoing treatment, Trent is feeling and looking better and will soon be ready for adoption!

Mrs. Bellingham is a senior cat who recently joined our rescue. She has been diagnosed with diabetic mellitus and is exhibiting signs of acromegaly, which is caused by excess secretion of growth hormone. Mrs. Bellingham is scheduled for a visit with our partner vet and will likely need care by an internal medicine specialist. Her foster mom says she’s just the sweetest gal and we are thrilled to be able to help Mrs. Bellingham!

Lucy joined our rescue about a year ago, and arrived in very poor shape. She was suffering from a terrible upper respiratory infection, stomatitis, and her fur was very sparse. With the help of our partner vet and an internal medicine specialist, Lucy was able to have a rhinoscopy to rule out polyps and had a much-needed dental. After a lot of trial and error, Lucy’s allergies are under control thanks to a prescription diet. Her foster family says Lucy is playful, and loves giving kisses, looking out windows, and keeping them company. Lucy is currently available for adoption.

Tiger is a friendly orange boy who loves to be held and carried. He joined our rescue after his beloved human passed away. Tiger has had a heart defect that has been present from birth, which causes his blood to flow into the heart incorrectly. However, his body has adapted to his heart defect, and he is fairly active. Tiger also has a grade V heart murmur, which he has seen a cardiologist for. Tiger is available for adoption, and is looking for loving humans who are understanding of his medical issues.

Squiggy joined Ten Lives when he was just three days old. Thanks to around-the-clock care, Squiggy has grown into a strong and loving feline despite the odds. Squiggy was diagnosed with severe cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly. Despite this, Squiggy has the spirit of a lion and has adjusted to his life thanks to modifications and adjustments that his foster parents have made. Squiggy recently started physical therapy at Rhode Island Pet Rehab and has been doing his exercises at home. Squiggy is available for adoption! His ideal adopters will be patient, flexible, loving, and willing to make accommodations to help Squiggy live his best life. Learn more about Squiggy and follow his adventures on Facebook!

Your generous gifts allow Ten Lives to give second chances to an often-forgotten population of cats, such as Ingrid, Daisy, Itty Bitty, George, Jo, Lily Pad, Lucky, Peanut, Mowgli, Trent, Mrs. Bellingham, Lucy, Tiger, and Squiggy. No donation amount is ever too small, and the entirety of your gift helps save lives! Learn more and become a monthly or one-time supporter of the Lazzy Fund by clicking here. We appreciate your support as we continue to fulfill our mission!

1,000 Adoptions!

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In March, Ten Lives hit an incredible milestone: in less than four years’ time, we completed our 1,000th adoption! Over the last four years, our rescue has grown to include over 90 volunteers – including fosters, adoption coordinators, community cat heroes, and more! Through it all, we remain committed to our mission of changing the lives of cats in our community while inspiring change. 

Our 1,000th adopted cat, Scotchy, joined Ten Lives in October 2021 at approximately two months old. Scotchy was extremely frightened when he came to our rescue and required a lot of socialization. His foster family, Donna and Pete, are familiar with cats like Scotchy, and took on the task of acclimating him to humans and the comforts of indoor life. While he was hissy and mainly hid, he never once swatted or tried to bite his foster family – he was just scared. Donna and Pete began to see his transformation through the use of positive reinforcement, like tasty treats and toys, and with a little help from their resident cats. Soon, they found that Scotchy LOVES to play with anything he can get his paws on! Scotchy also became best friends with Donna and Pete’s resident dog, Ziva. Scotchy would rather play with Ziva than the other resident cats, although Donna says he also has their “geriatric, cranky” female cats running around playing, as well!

While Scotchy warmed up to Donna fairly quickly, he was much slower to warm up to Pete. However, Pete played with him constantly and worked hard to gain his trust. In early March, everything suddenly clicked for Scotchy and he realized that he was safe and loved in his foster home. He began to follow both Donna and Pete around, and now constantly demands to be pet. His hissing has turned into purring, and he wraps himself around their legs if they stand in one place for too long. Scotchy has transformed into a funny, active, curious kitten, and Donna and Pete fell in love with him. Soon, they made the decision that they couldn’t say goodbye! Scotchy is part of their family now, and they are so glad to give him a loving, safe home.

Cats like Scotchy are the reason why Ten Lives was founded. If you’ve been a part of our journey over the last four years, you know that we are extremely dedicated to giving a second chance to those who have been forgotten. Seniors, physically and emotionally scarred, behaviorally challenged, and those in need of critical medical care—all cats are welcome, loved, and cared for in our rescue. Our Forgotten Feline program was created to specifically help scared and under socialized cats and give them the support they need to blossom. We truly believe these cats are worth saving, and through socialization sessions, positive reinforcement, time, patience, and persistence, our fosters and volunteers witness remarkable breakthroughs – big and small.

Congratulations to all 1,000 of our adopted cats! We cannot wait to help the next 1,000, and we hope you will consider joining us! To join our dedicated team of volunteers, please take a look at our volunteer roles, apply to become a foster, and/or view the Meow Ways to Help section of our website. We look forward to welcoming you!