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13 year old Cuddles joined Ten Lives after his human was evicted and he was left behind. He received very little socialization and was terrified when he entered our foster program. After being neutered and receiving much needed vet care, his foster mom focused on helping him gain confidence and learn appropriate behaviors through clicker training. Cuddles loves playing with wand toys, sleeping in sun spots, and lounging in comfy beds. He also loves hanging out with his feline foster siblings. 

Cuddles is officially available for adoption and looking for a cat-savvy adopter who can continue to build his confidence. 



Jaws joined Ten Lives after a Good Samaritan reached out for help with an injured cat. Thankfully, our Community Cats team was able to humanely trap Jaws and get him to the vet for much needed care. We discovered that Jaws was dealing with an older jaw injury that had healed, a grade III heart murmur, and is FIV+. Despite this, Jaws managed to survive outside and we are so thankful he’s now in a foster home! 

With the help of his foster mom and foster sibling, Wendy, Jaws has blossomed into a playful and sweet feline. He loves rolling in catnip, playing with his track ball toy, and bird watching with his best friend Wendy. Recently, he has started hanging out with his foster mom on the couch! Jaws and Wendy are such a great pair and they would love to be adopted together. Check out their bio! 



Mae joined Ten Lives through our Community Cats program. When she first arrived, it was obvious that life outside had not been easy for her and she was incredibly scared. With the support of her foster mom, Mae has blossomed into a playful and affectionate feline. She loves having her cheeks rubbed, being told how beautiful she is, and feline friends. Mae can be shy upon first meeting, but greenie treats are always welcomed! 


 Mae thinks indoor life is pretty darn good and she is now available for adoption



5 year old Mamma came to Ten Lives after a Good Samaritan reached out for help. Mamma was left outside when her humans passed away and she became pregnant. Sadly, the kittens did not make it and Mamma’s conditioned worsened. Thankfully, Mamma was humanely trapped right before a cold spell and moved into a foster home. Mamma has since received the vet care she needed and is slowly adjusting to indoor life. After being outside for two years, Mamma has lost trust in humans, but we are working to build her confidence and show her she’s a cherished feline. 



Milly and her kittens joined Ten Lives after our Community Cat team responded to a request to help a mom and her newborn babies. Milly was an attentive mom who raised healthy kittens despite being unsure of her foster home. Her kittens were quickly adopted and now Milly is blossoming into her true self. She loves other cats, rolling in catnip, and bird watching. Her foster mom reports that she is gaining more confidence each day and loving indoor cat life! 

Olive Oil


Olive Oil was living outside with an eye injury before joining Ten Lives. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan came to her aid and contacted Ten Lives for help. With support from the Lazzy Fund, we were able to provide Olive Oil with the vet care she needed. Olive had enucleation surgery to remove the under grown eye that had become infected. She has since healed beautifully and is feeling much better! Since having surgery, Olive has started to come out of her shell and is thriving. She loves making biscuits, hanging out with her feline foster siblings, and bird watching. 

Olive Oil is officially available for adoption and would love to find a home with a friendly feline sibling to show her the ropes! 



Saturn joined Ten Lives after our Community Cat team humanely trapped him during a TNR project. Since joining his foster home, Saturn has started to enjoy the comforts of indoor life, including comfy beds, cat condos, and treats. With the help of his foster sibling, Callie, Saturn’s true personality has started to shine! He has become more confident and playful. He spends his days bird watching with Callie, playing with the rainbow wand, and enjoying squeeze up treats. 

Saturn and Callie are a wonderful pair and would love to find a home together. Check out their adoption bio!  

Sir Angel


Sir Angel joined Ten Lives after his human could no longer care for him. Unfortunately, Angel had received very little vet care or socialization, and was very confused when he arrived. With help from his feline foster siblings, Angel’s personality has started to shine! He now enjoys playing, lounging on the cat condo, and hanging with his feline friends. He’s not available for adoption and would love to find a home with a friendly feline sibling! 



5 year old Toby was just another community tomcat before being humanely trapped by volunteers. It was obvious that life outside had been difficult for Toby. He arrived matted, injured, and terrified. After being neutered and receiving significant vet care, Toby’s foster mom began to help him build confidence. Toby loves catnip, wand toys, and supervising his foster mom when she works from home. This sweet fella is FIV+, but he is currently healthy and thriving! Check out his adoption bio to learn more and submit an application. 



Twiggy joined Ten Lives after her elderly owners could no longer care for her. It was obvious that Twiggy was loved, but not receiving the care she really needed and was significantly overweight. Twiggy was incredibly shy and withdrawn when she joined her foster home; however, with patience and positive reinforcement, she has started to shine. She now enjoys play time, cheek scratches, and belly rubs! Twiggy has truly blossomed and is now listed for adoption! 

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