Adopt a Working Cat


Our goal is to place cats in environments that will allow them to thrive and live their best cat-lives. Ten Lives recognizes that not all cats are socialized to living indoors and that some cats can only thrive when living outdoors, hunting, and interacting with people on their own terms. Our first choice is to return cats to the outdoor homes they’ve become accustomed to as we believe this is the most humane option. However, from time-to-time, a cat is unable to return to their outdoor home and a safe alternative home is needed. 

If you have a barn, brewery, winery, stable, or workshop, a working cat would love to join your family in exchange for daily food, water, and safe housing. As a bonus, they’ll even help with rodent control. To inquire about adding a working cat to your home, please submit our form below. 

All working cats adopted from Ten Lives are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and parasites, microchipped, and ear tipped. Adoption of a working cat from our program requires safe housing, daily food & water, and veterinary care when sick or injured.

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